This crime thriller talks about the life of two sisters — Diya and Hiya. While Diya is a lawyer, Hiya is a student who comes to live with her sister from the beautiful town of Shillong.

The story then shifts to how Diya spends her time fighting for the truth and justice. Actor Madhumita Sarkar plays the role of Hiya. She is known for her dressing sense and beauty. And her Instagram is proof. Check out these pictures. Madhumita combines a beautiful floral dress with this tan leather jacket for a cool layered look.

madhumita sarkar died

This unique combination showcases the stylish wardrobe the star has. Every Bengali girl looks her best during Durga Pujo.

Madhumita is no exception. This throwback picture of the star shows her posing before the idol of Ma Durga. In a graphic-design tee and shorts, she manages to hold our attention. Check out Madhumita, known to be a fitness enthusiast, flaunting her toned body. In a mustard yellow tee and blue denims, she gives off the sporty vibe.

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Black shorts. Grey tee with puffed sleeves. Madhumita is owning this bold avatar. A sunshine yellow top which allows a peekaboo of that perfect shoulder.

Well, she need not shout about her style statement here because that is just flawless. This close-up image of the actor shows her in a nose ring.

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The Bengali actor shows off her amazing posing skills in every photo. The pose clearly exudes confidence and a sense of elegance.She was born on October 26, Madhumita was interested in acting and modeling from her very childhood. This interest in acting and modeling from such an early stage has made her a small screen, top actress. She has a very cute and sweet face with a naughty smile. Her looks in saree are very attractive when she shows her cute navel under the saree.

Size of her bra is 34B. Her Hip size and Waist size is 36 inches and 26 inches. She has a medium height of 5. Apart from her looks, she also has a very wonderful voice.

Her career got a turning point from the lead role in the serial Bojhena Se Bojhena. Apart from a good actress, she was also a good student. Madhumita had a boyfriend for a long time, whom she had married. Her husband name is Sourav Chakraborty. Though she got a rumor in Bangladesh that she was arrested for prostitution. But she strongly denied the case and also claimed the media that she has no illegal relationships. So for more such updates stay connected with us. Watch Her glamorous video click here.

December 25, January 6, August 26, August 26, July 18, Your email address will not be published.

Madhumita Sarkar Hot Actress, Full Biography and Wiki

Madhumita Sarkar Hot madhumita sarkar hot madhumita sarkar navel madhumita sarkar hot She has a very cute and sweet face with a naughty smile. Personal Life Madhumita had a boyfriend for a long time, whom she had married.But she adopted the name Jayalalitha at the age of one for the purpose of using name in school and colleges.

She is also known as Joy and Amma. Her father was a lawyer and mother was known as Vedavathi Sandhyawho was a housewife. In Jayalalitha made her film debut as a child actress, which has gained a lot of popularity. She had acted in more than movies in Telegu, Kannada, and Tamil language films. She was the most of the people Favorite Actress at the time From to She has established herself as highest-paid actress in Tamil and Telugu Movie Industry.

Her Net worth Crore, in her acting life. But later on, she started showing interest in politics and joined politics. Later on, she has been elected as the 11th, 14th, 16th, 19th, Cheif Minister of Tamil Nadu. At that time her age was After the death of Amma, the former Chief Minister of Tamil Naduthe state, as well as the country is yet to come to normalcy.

The question about who is the rightful heir of her property and assets. The photo of the young woman, who looks very much like Jayalalitha started getting the attention of the public.

This woman is dressed in green saree and has been rumored to be Jayalalitha secret daughter. But no one seems to have cared to know what the reality is, a popular singer and TV show host Chinmayi Sripada posted the truth on Facebook, recently, in an attempt to put an end to the rumours.

According to Post of Sripada, the woman that is claiming to be Jayalalitha Daughter Shobanain fact, belongs to the family of renowned Mridangam Vidwan V Balaji and she had shown anger to the social media users for foolishly forwarding messages without trying to understand how it could affect those people.

The lady in the picture has been identified as Divya Ramanathan Veeraraghavan and lives with her husband in Australia. The couple in the photograph are known to my family and they belong to an illustrious family of classical musicians. She belongs to the family of renowned Mridangam Vidwan V Balaji.

If people were half as interested in investing the time sharing WhatsApp forwards into being better citizens, our country would be wayy better. The post is:. Jayalalitha which has been in circulation for a while in social media.

The person in this picture is my sister in law and we know her since her childhood and this has been annoying us for a while. Thanks to good friends like Chinmayi Sriprada and others who have done their best to clarify this in public. I request my friends and well-wishers to share this as much as possible and hence help clarify.

I would request and appreciate my friends and well-wishers to share this. Thanks a lot. The family saw the photograph being shared online last year. But they did not raise an issue back, because they thought that such a thing on the Internet will not create any issue.


And, this will have a short lifespan. But after the death of Jayalalithaa, it got worse for the family.Kusum Dola is a love triangle based series which starred Madhumita SarkarRishi Kaushik and Aparajita Ghosh Das [5] in lead roles, the latter two for the third time since their corresponding portrayal of the characters "Indra" and "Mohor" in the Zee Bangla television drama serial Ekdin Pratidin[6] and their respective characterizations of "Ujaan" and "Hiya" in the Star Jalsha romantic drama series Ekhane Aakash Neelwhich ended in They develop romantic feelings but are unable to express them.

As they bid adieu, Rono promises to call her. Rono gets posted to Sundarpur a village in North Bengalwhere he meets Police Officer Jayanta Mukherjee and his studious but outgoing and short-tempered daughter, Emon.

madhumita sarkar died

Rono misplaces Roopkatha's phone number, who feeling cheated, decides to move on, and incidentally is married to Rono's cousin, Badshah. Rono confronts Roopkatha and while the misunderstanding is cleared, Rono refuses to break up his brother's marriage but promises Roopkatha he would never love another woman.

When Badshah discovers their story, he quietly leaves his house not wanting to get between Rono and Roopkatha. In Sundarpur, Jayanta is shot by local goon Gogna. Rono promises a dying Jayanta he would take care of Emon and marries her under social pressure. He tells Emon of his emotional commitment to Roopkatha and Emon agrees not to expect him to fulfill the role of a husband.

Emon continues her medical studies while struggling to win over Rono's family. Feeling betrayed by Rono, Roopkatha inflicts her frustrations on Emon. Rono gets emotionally attached to Emon seeing her efforts to help his family members and subsequently falls in love with her, but cannot confess.

Emon brings Badshah back into the house. Badshah wants to free Roopkatha from their namesake relationship but she proposes they continue using it to stay close to Rono. Emon finally confesses love to Rono on his birthday. A devastated Roopkatha tries to accuse Rono of impregnating her but seeing Emon's faith in Rono's innocence, she backs down and is about to leave the house when she is asked to stay by Badhsah and the family.

Rono's friend Krishnamoy dies leaving his pregnant widow, Shruti, in Rono's care. Emon and the family suspect Rono of having an affair and mistaking Shruti's child, Michhil, to be Rono's illegitimate child, Emon files for a divorce.

Rono is forced to leave the house and Shruti develops romantic feelings for him. Emon gets to know she is pregnant, but is abducted by the supposedly-dead Krishnamoy who seeks revenge from Rono, having misunderstood his relationship with Shruti. Emon is rescued by Rono, whom she once again misunderstands and files a lawsuit against Rono for infidelity.

In court, Rono is proved innocent and Emon repents for her actions. Also, the court declares Rono-Emon's divorce to be null and void.Madhumita Sarkar Pakhi is an Indian well-known actress who predominately appears in the television serial.

madhumita sarkar died

She is a very popular actress in Bangladesh as like Kolkata. Already she proved her talent in the showbiz industry of Kolkata by the terrific acting quality. Sarkar was very interested in the media arena from early childhood eventually turned herself into a successful small screen actress.

Madhumita enrolled at Jadavpur University and completed her graduation from the university in Philosophy.

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Madhumita starred in the serial for its central character Pakhi which gets the huge attention of audience and media. The character Pakhi is an ideal one for the younger girl in Bangladesh and her dress in the serial is more desirable. Numbers of girls committed suicide in Bangladesh after failing purchase to the Pakhi dress during the Eid.

Only for a dress, parents lost their girl they could accept this anyway eventually the couple got divorced. After a few days, the incident did not relish, a similar incident repeated in the Gaibandha district of Bangladesh. Madhumita Sarkar married to her long time boyfriend Sourav Chakraborty. The couple is engaged since The news was spread out around Bangladesh that the actress was arrested for prostitution, some web portal of Bangladesh published the news then it gets viral.

But the actress strongly denied the news and Madhumita claimed to the media she is not associated with any sort of illegal relationship. Your email address will not be published. Girls Suicide for Pakhi Dress: Numbers of girls committed suicide in Bangladesh after failing purchase to the Pakhi dress during the Eid.

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Tota Roy Chowdhury Bio Height Paoli Dam. Kharaj Mukherjee Bio Height Wi Sohini Sarkar. Leave a Comment Cancel Reply Your email address will not be published. Cookies help us to deliver better services. By using our website you agree to our use of cookies. More Info OK.Home About Contact. Header Ads. Breaking News. February 17, Bollywood Actress Profile.

Madhumita Sarkar is a popular television actress who started her performance in She was interested in playing and dancing since her youth. Madhumita Sarkar Biodata and Biography. Model, Actress. Date Of Birth. Debut Movie. Not Known.

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Famous Role. Sourav Chakraborty. Body Measurements. Bra Size. Waist Size. Hip Size. Eye Colour. Dark Brown. Hair Colour. Blackish Brown. Birth Place. Home Town. Education School and College. Jadavpur University, Kolkata, India. Other Qualifications. Graduate in Philosophy.

Family and Relatives. Marital Status. Best Friends. Favorite Movie. Bahubali, Dangal. Favorite Director. Mohit Suri. Favorite Colour. Purple, Yellow. Favorite Destination. Favorite Book. Favourite Sport.Home About Contact Advertise.

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Breaking News. March 29, ActressModel. Madhumita Sarkar is a popular television actress who began her acting career in He was fond of acting and dancing since childhood. Madhumita Sarkar Biography and Biodata. Madhumita Sarkar. Madhu, Pakhi, Kushi, Imon. Model, Actress. Height and Weight. Date Of Birth. Debut Movie.

Madhumita Sarkar Today News, Wiki, Affairs, Updates, Biodata, Phone Number, Family

TV: 'Sobinoy Nibedon' Famous Role. Not Known. Sourav Chakraborty.

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During the Eid, Madhumita came into the controversy when numbers of girls committed suicide in Bangladesh after failing purchase to the 'Pakhi's' her character in serial dress. Body Measurements. Bra Size. Waist Size. Hip Size. Eye Colour. Dark Brown. Hair Colour. Blackish Brown.

Birth Place. Kolkata, West Bengal, India. Home Town.